Stress in the modern workplace

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Christine Lynge Christensen
4. term, Psychology, Master (Master Programme)
This thesis sets out to examine whether the traditional stress theories and models is set for explaining and examine the psychosocial stressors in the modern workplaces, and how to understand stress in today’s work. The job-demand-control model presented by Karasek, is a well know stress model, and has been dominated the stress literature and practical uses for the past 30 years. Two additional models (The COR- and effort- reward models) are included to this examination off traditional stress models seems that none of the work environment models cannot provide a fulfillment understanding of the strain present in the modern and postindustrial work, and how these strains lead to stress. The character of modern work has chance since the industrial work was dominated, and it seems that there is a need for a new understanding of how stress is developing in work today. This paper will discuss aspect of the work strain and phenomena that is important to understand to have a clear view of the modern stress perspective.
Publication date30 Jun 2022
Number of pages71
ID: 471611630