• Emma Borg Pedersen
This thesis is based on the problem: "How can Revision Limfjord implement CSR in the strategy, and what effects will this have on the organization?". The aim of the study is to find out what strategic CSR entails, as well as whether it is something Revision Limfjord can implement in their company. Through the thesis, it has been investigated how CSR can affect a company, and especially how it affects tbeir culture. The study has been prepared on the basis of a literatur study on strategic CSR and culture, where theories within strategu, cultur, CSR and change have subsequently been applied. For the analysis, qualitative inter-views have been prepared as an empirical collection in Revision Limfjord. These interviews were conducted with a total of 14 from Re-vision Limfjord, which is a mix of partner and employee. To answer the problem formulation, Carroll´'s CSR pyramid, Joanne Martin's three culture perspectives, Lewin's 3 phases of change, as well as Mintzberg's 5 P´er and Steensen's strategy typology model have been chosen from the theories applied to the four topics. The analysis tools analyze the problem formulation based on Revision Limfjord, and have later in the discussion been discussed based on the problem formulation. Finally, the thesis comes with a conclusion and a possible new strategy with CSR incorporated.
Publication date2 Jun 2021
Number of pages71
External collaboratorRevision Limfjord
Adm. direktør Karen Mørkholt klmm@revisionlimfjord.dk
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