Storytelling of the +Bus

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Monica Louise Kristensen
  • Line Lund Kidmose
This thesis seeks to investigate how Aalborg Municipality use storytelling to promote the +Bus project and make it support its dominating discourse and a new spatial understanding of Aalborg. To address this problem, the main research question of this project is:How is Aalborg Municipality using storytelling of the +Bus to reinforce their dominating discourse and their vision of a new spatial understanding of Aalborg City? In the research of this project, it is firstly identified that Aalborg Municipality tells the same comprehensive story of the +Bus, as they originally did about the light rail. There are several underlying discourses of the story of the +Bus, but it is dominated by the discourse of growth. Secondly,it is through an analysis of the municipality’s use of techniques in storytelling and the planning practices within the local plans of the surrounding areas, identified that the dominating discourse of growth has been structurised and institutionalised in Aalborg Municipality’s use of storytelling of the +Bus. Thirdly, the power within Aalborg Municipality’s storytelling of the +Bus has been analysed, as influencing investors in Aalborg’s spatial understanding of Aalborg. The thesis finally concludes, that Aalborg Municipality’s storytelling has reinforced the spatial understanding of Aalborg and the dominating discourse of growth, by directing the storytelling towards investors, incorporating the story in Aalborg’s transition, and using different initiatives within their use of storytelling
SpecialisationUrban Planning and Management
Publication date8 Jun 2018
Number of pages106
ID: 280550483