• Katerina Bartosova
4. term, Tourism, Master (Master Programme)
The focus of this thesis is in the field of cultural tourism in the Czech Republic and its offerings of specialized products/services for the segment of families with children. In particular, this study examines the concept of guided tours for families with children at Loučeň castle and the experiences of the families as units, and the family members individually – children and adults. The research aims to provide insight into these under-researched topics in order to understand better the needs and perceptions of this segment, focusing not only on the point of view of adults, but also children, who have been dismissed by the academics.

The study adopts the qualitative approach in order to address fully the introduced aims and issues. Two methods of data collection - participant observations and semi-structured interviews, were conducted at the site of Loučeň castle, in order to provide a relevant set of data concerning the phenomena in question. The study is administrated mainly from the consumer perspective, focusing on their experiences and interactions; however, the point of view of the provider presented by Mrs Šrámková, the representative of the castle, is included in order to evaluate the functionality of the concept.

The research revealed that the edutaining concept of the tours, enhanced by other factors addressed in the analysis chapter, is appealing to its target market and may bring a good family experience for all the family members. However, it is more tailored to children, or the adults who want to feel like children again through the experience. In addition, the findings underline the role of this concept in the differentiation of Loučeň castle and strengthening its position in the tourism market.

This study recommends the adoption of a similar concept for guided tours at other cultural attractions, castles and chateaux in particular, which target families with children, making them more accessible for this particular segment. In the context of the Czech Republic, this might increase the attractiveness and visitation of the sites, establish a positive relation between children and cultural attractions visiting, and consequently maintain the solid tradition of visiting castles and chateaux.
Publication date2014
Number of pages104
ID: 198374230