• Thomas Skouenborg
  • Claus Lundgaard Karlsen
  • Søren Andreas Hansen
The present master thesis of the education as chartered surveyors addresses how the chartered surveyors in practice should handle the geographical location of easements when the commencement of the digital registration system will take place on the 8. September 2009. Today there is still some doubt about how the requirement for location of easements will affect the chartered surveyors existing work and how the chartered surveyors should practice the geographical location of easements. The project aims to establish a series of recommendations about how the chartered surveyor should handle location of existing easements in his daily routine. Through a case study the project group ex-perienced a number of problems in dealing with the methods for location and categoriz-ing of easements. In the case study, the project group carried out a series of location based on a number of cases acquired from a working chartered surveyor. The problems which have emerged in the location-process, have resulted in a number of recommenda-tions, about how the working chartered surveyors should handle the methods for location and categorizing of existing ease-ments, in his daily routine.
Publication date2009
Number of pages162
Publishing institutionInstitut for Samfundsudvikling og Planlægning
ID: 17683898