• Jacob Suhr Schüsler
  • Nicolai Kleist Duus
4. semester, Sports Science, Master (Master Programme)
This master's thesis examines the place of early development for men's handball players
from the top league in Denmark. The variables of population size, population density,
proximity to top club and club size are examined through an odds ratio - and GIS analysis
in relation to the probability of becoming a league player. The interdependence of the
variables is examined through a chi2-test. The results of the OR analysis showed that low
population sizes and densities is related to expertise in Handball. The GIS analysis
showed that proximity to the top club as a variable cannot predict the development of
league players. In relation to the club size variable, it is found that clubs with 401-500
members are associated with greater likelihood of developing league players. The chi2-test
showed a relationship between club size and population size and density, respectively.
The results indicate that there is beneficial effects with both belonging to low densities and
to belonging in clubs with the size of 401-500 members.
Publication date5 Jun 2019
Number of pages70
ID: 305184869