• Lasse Søren-Peder Børge Lind
4. term, Biology, Master (Master Programme)
In the national park of Thy Pinus-plantation is clear-felled to increase the area and the connections of the dune heaths. This rapport examines the status of the vegetation and environmental conditions in five cleared plantation, which has been clear-felled 4 to 23 years ago. In addition to this, the vegetation and environmental conditions in three clear-felled plantations is compared between the years 2014 and 2001.
The result indicates increased coverage of dwarf shrub, especially Calluna vulgaris, and Cladonia cladina spp. over time after the clear-felling. Furthermore tendencies show an increased amount of nutrients in four out of five clear-felled plantations. Moreover the results indicate that 4 years after a clear-felling Carex arenaria is the most frequent species, after some time there is a tendency for reducing in the frequency. Additionally one of the clear-felled plantations shows an increased tendency to more various wet areas alongside drier area located at a higher elevation in clearing.
Furthermore the result shows that the most frequent species are key species which characterizes the dune heath or the grey dune. An overall evaluation for the future vegetation and character of the clear-felled plantations is that the sites in time still can be characterized as dune heath or grey dune. Over time, light grazing of the clear-felled plantations could be recommended to keep variety of dune heath and grey dune species.
Publication date9 Oct 2015
Number of pages63
ID: 220100500