• Pia Widerholdt Jensen
  • Ann-Sophie Øberg
4. term, Urban Design, Master (Master Programme)
The point of departure was for this assignment, that no one – in spite of several tries, has succeeded in finding a solution for the future of Christiania, which both sides of the fence can agree upon. The vision was from the beginning to investigate why this is a fact, and furthermore execute our suggestion to the solution from a design point of view. Since then, the project has developed a lot due to the visualization of the large number of layers under the surface of Christiania. – Every time you believe to have found a solution to one problem - another one appears. According to that, an extensional wish has been to provide a suggestion to how such a case ought to be handled, and how actors with different agendas must be delt with. In the 9th semester project – The Urban Designer as Mediator we grabbed hold in all involved actors separately in order to form a picture of the span of the conflict. It showed that the problems lie in the fact that both sides of the fence several times have mislused the communicative tools – more or less on purpose. The conclusion was in that light, that in order to find a solution for Christiania there had to be found an alternative way to communicate. The problem in this project is in that light a result of the 9th semester conclusion. However it is still the wish to execute a specific solution for the future development of Christiania, but with that in mind, that the project at the same time is a mediating tool, which by the bottom-up approach and the use for illustrative material, contribute in building a bridge between the disagreeing parties. The project gives design-based solution to some of the problems found in the Christiania case. The design is based on an acupuncture approach, where a few selected areas will help heal the whole of Chrisitania. The acupuncuture selected areas are designed with respect for the carateristic Christiania spirit, that saturate all aspects of Christiania. Secondary must be mentioned, that this project must be seen as an in depended report, which does not make it necessary to read the 9th semester report in order to understand the content. The 9th semester project must in stead be seen as a source for inspiration on the same level as other used literature.
Publication date2008
Number of pages112
Publishing institutionArkitektur og Design
ID: 14417915