• Maryann Norup Nielsen
  • Birthe Ørndrup
4. term, Master of Learning Processes (Continuing education) (Continuing Education Programme (Master))
Abstract. The influence of language games on collaboration between independent organizations on patient treament. This is a qualitativ study on the communication and collaboration between organizations in the psyhiatric health system om colaborativ care. The political fokus in the recent decades has been on developing collaborative care. The goal of this is to achive high patient satisfaction, high quality treatment and economic efficiency. The study answers the following questions: What characterizes the current collaboration between public sectors in psychiatric care? How can "management based coaching" be a part of developing collaboration between sectors, to establish and coordinate collaborative care for psychiatric patients? The empirical foundation for the analysis is four interviews with managers and practitioners in the public sector. The analysis and interpretation are based on Ludwig Wittgensteins theory on language games and on Kenneth Gergens theory on organizing dialog. The analysis undercovers an unclear managements concept and a dilemma between standardization and differentiation of the patient care practices. "Ledelsesbaseret coaching" by Thorkil Molly-Søholm et al. offers thorugh organizing dialog, a philosophy on developing a culture of appreciative enquiring, and co-creating dialog. Further the philosophy offers a management concept that combined with the dialog culture creates a culture where the fundamental goals, artifacts, beliefs and visions are reflected opon.
Publication date2010
Number of pages99
Publishing institutionAalborg Universitet
ID: 19035470