• Rasmus Kokholm Risborg
4. term (FYS10), Physics, Master (Master Programme)
The purpose of this report is to model the scattering due to plane waves hitting metal particles of arbitrary shape, i.e. no symmetry is required for the scatterer. The metal is assumed to act like a perfect electric conductor PEC. The Green's Surface Integral Equation Method GFSIEM is used for modeling, specifically the Magnetic Field Integral Equation MFIE is used. Both a simple model based on a faceted representation of the scatterer surface, referred to as the Facet Method (FM) and a more advanced Curvilinear Model (CM) that represents the surface exactly is developed in this report. These models are compared to the analytical case of a sphere, and this shows good correspondence especially for the CM, however the scatter must be discretized very finely for small wavelengths. The CM is also compared to a GFSIEM model that uses cylindrical symmetry in the case of a rod, both methods give similar results.

The report also delves into the modifications that must be made to Green's function if the scatter is near an interface of dielectrica, rather than situated in free space.
Publication date3 Jun 2020
Number of pages46
ID: 333520045