Sports Tracking by Correlating Thermal Video with Inertia Data

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Niels Dyremose Bodin
  • Mike Røntved
The aim of this project is to correlate thermal video with an accelerometer and be able to connect tracklets made from a video tracker to trajectories for each person.

The project resulted in developing a pipeline capable of detecting players, tracking them, calculate acceleration in the video to match with the acceleration from the accelerometers and from this be able to match accelerometer to tracklets.

The report covers all the blocks in this process: Detection, tracking and matching, where each block have been designed, implemented and tested.

The proof-of-concept system has been tested on a dataset made of half a field in Gigantium sports arena, where the participants played football. The system shows promising results and that it is possible to correlate thermal video with an accelerometer, but the tracking system requires more work to know if it can be implemented in an automatic system.
Publication date24 Jun 2017
Number of pages94
ID: 259343485