• Signe Skelgaard
4. term, Engineering Psychology, Master (Master Programme)
This project was prepared in collaboration with Intelligent Systems A / S in order to evaluate consumers' approach to traceability used as a communication tool. Likewise creating an understanding of consumer interests and needs. This information formed the basis for a deeper understanding of consumer needs and a formulation of guidelines for developing a consumeroriented traceability system. The results of a questionnaire including 129 respondents and 4 personal interviews compared with a literature study resulted in a Conclusion. The conclusion indicates that about half of the surveyed respondents found an increased amount of information interesting. The result showes that the respondents who "always or to a great extent" purchase organic food shows a bigger interest in the \textit{substantive information}. Containing assets as working, trade and production conditions.The remaining respondents sought the \textit{procedural informations} such as trust and transparency. A exhaustive analysis showed that there was a correlation between the value of trust and transparency. Transparency created/sustain the trust. There was, based on studies, composed six guidelindes, to help designing a traceability system as a communication tool. Additional the interview showed a non-expected result, respondents requested a general re-design of food packaging in order to facilitate selection of food.
Publication date31 May 2012
Number of pages99
ID: 63448984