• Emilie Ørtoft Høllede Pedersen
  • Niels Anders Beckmann Stok
4. term, Medialogy, Master (Master Programme)
The goal of this project is to investigate if the sense of embodiment affects the decisions players makes in a video game. For this study, a game with decision-making as a primary component for two different platforms was created. One that is played on a standard PC setup and one that is played using a VR setup. Additionally, two different versions with varying degrees of narrativity was developed for each platform. This is done to investigate the effects of embodiment alone and to see if the addition of a narrative nullifies the potential effects of embodiment in this context. The study had a total of 72 participants and data was gathered on what decisions they made, why they made said decision as well as how difficult they found the decision. The findings suggests that the sense of embodiment has no significant effect on decision-making in video games. However, these findings lack the desired reliability and further investigation is therefore needed for a more conclusive answer.
Publication date2019
Number of pages20
ID: 304272644