SolarDrive on Top: A Market Entrance Strategy

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Rasmus Gronemann
ABSTRACT The Danish company SolarDrive ApS has recently launched their brand new product – a universal solar cell roof device, specially designed to fit all existing golf cart models. The solar cell roof represents a state of the art technology that has not been seen before, and enables the golf cart to run on power purely generated by the sun. Already, several media have predicted the product to become a major success in the golf industry, since the product fits very well into the increasing focus on environmentally protective- and sustainable solutions that is currently being hyped on a global scale. The first market SolarDrive ApS wishes to enter is Dubai, and it is not a coincidence that the city and emirate in the U.A.E. is the preferred first destination for their product to be released. Dubai has gone through a quite remarkable development during the last 10-15 years, and as a result of this it has become one of the worlds’ most popular golf destinations with visitors from all over the world. Approximately 20 new golf courses in the absolute elite are currently being built in and around the city, and many other golf related projects, such as golf estates, are also being built in order to make Dubai the golfing capital of the world. In line with the massive development in the city, pollution has become a hugely debated issue in every corner of Dubai, and currently the government is initiating propositions to make Dubai a ‘greener’ and sustainable city. Because of this, environmentally friendly products, alternative production of energy and other sustainable solutions are currently in high demand. This thesis seeks to outline a market entrance strategy for SolarDrive ApS, based on theoretical as well as empirical evidence. Since SolarDrive ApS has only developed the solar cell roof and not a cart to apply it to, it is crucial for them to form a partnership with a golf cart producer or supplier. In order to identify the opportunities on the market, a market analysis, which results in a presentation of a line of potential collaborators, will be performed. On the theoretical level, this thesis will discuss how SolarDrive ApS most effectively can build up a value proposition based on the environmental advantages of their product. A thorough discussion of various CSR related theories will be presented and analysed in order to define how they can build up a fundamental value-set that will attract potential partners most effectively. The last part of the thesis is based on an empirical investigation of the potential partners, which have been discovered as a result of the market analysis. This investigation will ultimately result in a suggestion of which partner SolarDrive ApS should, and most conveniently could, focus on building up a partnership with in order to enter the market. Conclusions The conclusions of this thesis are that there is a large market in Dubai for SolarDrive ApS to become a part of, with a line of potential collaborators all serving in the golf & leisure industry. Theoretically, this thesis suggests that SolarDrive ApS can build up the most value around their product by focusing on a differentiation strategy. However, in order to become most successful and recognised on the market they should focus on acting in the best interest of their respective stakeholders. Finally, this thesis suggests that SolarDrive ApS should focus on building up a partnership with a dominant and experienced distributor of various products in the golf & leisure industry, in order to enter the market most effectively and beneficially.
Publication date2008
Number of pages88
Publishing institutionAalborg Universitet
ID: 14653673