• Emma K Strebel
4. Term, Lighting Design (Master Programme)
This thesis sets out to create a design concept based on the slow changes in the geometry of sunlight. The basis of the research examines humans’ perception of their visual surroundings, specifically in relation to experiencing natural changes in light. The research section culminates with the question: How can a design concept accentuate a changing moment of sunlight, thereby connecting people to their place on Earth? This question guides the analysis section which examines the conditions that best emphasise sunlight’s movement. Synthesizing all the research, the design highlights the geometry of sunlight in order to accentuate daily and seasonal changes on Earth. It is constructed in relation to the sunlight at its particular location on Earth. The design creates a moment of alignment at solar midday, accentuating an earthly transition that would otherwise go unnoticed. The design frames the sunlight as it changes throughout the year. This brings attention to the dynamics of the sunlight throughout space and over time. The design exposes earthly cycles which build a connection to the environmental changes that constantly occur in our surroundings.
Publication date27 May 2020
Number of pages64


Image of design prototype. Image taken by Emma Strebel.
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