Søtorv Kvarteret: an urban city island

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Kim Sund Ingerslev
4. term, Urban Design (cand.tech.), Master (Master Programme)
This master thesis is about the urban development of Søtorvet in Silkeborg, where the site is to be regenerated from an wast car park into an active part of the inner city. To this development also follows a new museum outside the project area.
The focus of the project is the use of social sustainability and mobilities design as tools in the urban planning and development. As a part of the project is a theoretical discussion on the two themes, and how they cen be influencing each other as design tools is made.
Søtorv Kvarteret is an active city island with a diverse programming and strong contextual connections.
Publication date27 May 2015
Number of pages60
External collaboratorSilkeborg Kommune
Lene Sack-Nielsen lsn@silkeborg.dk
ID: 212975380