Sønderbro School: A new architecture for the Danish public school

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Camilla Grøn
  • Katrine Hove Schlosser
4. term, Architecture, Master (Master Programme)
This Master Thesis treats the subject learning
environments, in the design of a new
Sønderbro School in Copenhagen, Denmark.
This report contains a theoreticaland
research part which sets the framework
for the following design iterations that terminates
in a design proposal.
With a point of departure in the new school
reform, there is sought to reach an architectural
design that encompasses longer
schooldays, differentiated learning and
movement as essential elements.
In order to creates a physical framework that
accommodate modern pedagogical methods
and encourages movement a common
understanding of learning environments
must be studied. Based on the theoretical
reading about learning environments, it has
been an important parameter to create a
differentiated learning environment in children’s
scale. The teaching spaces requires a
great variation, to accommodate the learning
ability of the individual student, thus a
focus on creating niches for absorption and
spaced for negotiation and gathering both
indoor and outdoor.
An important aspect of the new reform is to
create a stronger connection between city
and school, this creates a dynamic environment
and facilitates a variety of offers
to the citizens in the neighbourhood. We
perceive the school as a unique learning
environment and another offer on this list
that will improve the social relations and
facilities among others in this particular
Publication date12 Dec 2015
Number of pages143
ID: 212946008