The practical role of the social worker

Student thesis: Profession bachelor

  • Tinna Gammelgaard
7. term, Social Work, Bachelor (Professional Bachelor Programme)
The purpose of the project is to examine the impact of the increased efficiency regarding documentation and record-keeping on the social worker's well-being in practice. The project's focus point is to identify if the social worker feels added pressure when dealing with vulnerable citizens connected to The Child and Family department.
The project is based on a qualitative semi-structured data collection method. Furthermore, the project is based on theory and methodology of interpretation in which I believe, preconceptions and interpretations are a central element of my results.
The project has an abductive approach to the gathered empirical data, which involves theories of holistic view, where theories of Aaron Antonovsky, Dorte Caswell and Michael Lipsky, support the analysis of the project's topic. In the process I have been open for new ideas opportunities, assumptions and interpretations, that have crossed my path during my work.
My intention is to illuminate social work and how social workers can experience pressure from all sides, with conflicting demands and expectations from, legislation, management or citizens, which can challenge the social workers opportunities. Likewise, my intention is to seek insight into the social worker's well-being.
My conclusion is that the social workers grasp their work differently, when using documentation and record-keeping. Administration occupies a lot of time, so the professionalism of the social worker is under pressure, when the time is used on record-keeping and not the citizens. In a professional field like the social workers, there is a need for a different approach to streamline standardized New Public Management solutions.

Publication date4 Jan 2017
Number of pages55
ID: 246731483