• Mai Mortensen
4. term, Master of Sexology (Continuing education) (Continuing Education Programme (Master))
Background: Studies suggests that social workers experience sexual behavior from people with physical and / or mentally disabilities. Furthermore, it seems that these professionals have difficulties handling this behavior.
Purpose: Researching what knowledge, social workers have about sexuality, regarding people with phisical and / or mental disabilities, as well as how this behavior is handled.
Method: The thesis is completed using qualitative method. The data is collected through semi-structured, qualitative interviews with three social workers. The interviews were then transcribed and analyzed, revealing five topics:
1) The sexual behavior of the disabled people
2) The individual challenged of the respondents
3) Legislative challenges
4) Environmental challenges
5) Reflections og the respondents
Conclusion: As other studies have concluded, the respondents in this thesis, also experience sexual behavior from the people, they are responsible for taking care of. Part of the behavior can be described as risky or even dangerous, leaving the social workers in severe ethical dilemmas. Despite these observations, people with disabilities are not necessarily recognized as adults with sexual wiches and desires. Severel barriers are emphasized in this thesis; including conflicting laws, interference from relatives, and communicative challenges among the social workers.
Publication date4 May 2019
Number of pages56
ID: 302838570