• Saara Maria Kylmänen
This master thesis focuses on social performance measurement of social enterprises with employment orientation and how the chosen methods can enhance the strategic management in these certain enterprises. The research is conducted by committing semi-systematic literature review based on management, entrepreneurship, and innovation literature. This approach result-ed in exploration of three distinct methods for social impact measurement: Blended Value Accounting, Social Value Construct and Social Impact Assessment. In addition, a strategic tool of SMART was used as a template to structure the methods for analysis, and the analysis is supplemented by stakeholder engagement theory and strategic management approach. The results indicate that the methods represent very distinct approaches to social impact measurement, and that the results of the measurement are dependent on the stakeholder engagement which is integrated to strategic management objectives of the social enterprise. Moreover, it was identified, that in the model of market-oriented businesses with employment orientation, beneficiaries play a key role regardless of the strategic objective of the management, because of their double-role in the enterprise as value creators and beneficiaries of the social impact.
Publication date2021
Number of pages93
ID: 398901922