• Nanna Bloch Skogberg
The structured documentation of patients' chief complaints at emergency departments is affected by heterogeneity. This challenges the ability to compare data between hospitals, regions, and countries. The lack of an international standard is recognized. Despite of this, new lists of structured chief complaints have been developed with no explicit regard to the existing lists. Based on this issue a SNOMED CT based minimum data set has been developed based on identical or similar chief complaints across the three existing lists: CEDIS PCL, ECDS CC, and HaPPy. This project, therefore, presents an aggregation of chief complaints taken from existing lists varying in design and granulation level to compose a SNOMED CT based minimum data set. The aggregation is achieved by utilizing a comparison strategy and a terminology binding strategy which are taking the synonyms and differences in the granulation level into consideration. The result is a minimum data set consisting of 116 chief complaints based on 69%, 79% og 73% of the chief complaints from the three lists. The 116 chief complaints are represented by SNOMED CT concepts from the hierarchies: Findings, Disorders, Events. The application of SNOMED CT enables a detailed registration of 116 chief complaints of which 31 can be expanded. However, the application of SNOMED CT will be at the cost of a satisfactory representation of chief complaints as an information type.
Publication date2 Jun 2020
Number of pages95
ID: 333337275