Sámi forest kindergarten

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Ana Habijanec
  • Tamas Ratkai
4. term, Architecture, Master (Master Programme)
This project is a proposal for the design of a Sami forest kindergarten in Tromsø, Norway. The project is developed with integrated design process and holistic approach to the design. The aim of the project was to investigate how the forest kindergarten approach would contribute to the kindergarten for indigenous Sami people in Norway. The project description was developed from the own idea which was expanded through the research about Sami people, their culture, needs, climate and the forest kindergarten principles. After comprehensive analyses, the design criteria were formulated as a baseline for the start of the design phase. The design phase consisted of various interpretations and proposals which were trying to respond to the demanding design criteria. During the process different tools and sketches were used to test architectural and technical qualities. A lot of attention was devoted to the simulations in relation to the sun exposure and the indoor qualities such as daylight and thermal comfort. The final concept is based on the idea of a shelter, formed in the few small building units. The sustainable performance was presented with graphs and data about Zero Energy performance and indoor quality, but the significant impact on the design was as also the consideration about material sustainability and the final environmental impact of the building.
Publication date18 May 2017
Number of pages160
ID: 257760196