• Kirsti Linaa Larsen
  • Lærke Vanessa Jørgensen Møller Pedersen
Errors and mistakes in the medication management process often occur in the home care domain, due to a busy work schedule among home care workers, which leads to wrong medication dosages and inaccuracy documentation. These er- rors can have fatal consequences for the elderly, and therefore it is critical to prevent these kinds of mistakes from happening. We have discovered that there exists limited research focusing on exploring interactive solutions to prevent medication errors. Therefore, our research explores different interactive possibilities for safer medication management in home care, using video prototyping as our research object. These video prototypes were used to get feedback from seven home care workers through online semi-structured interview sessions. Our contribution with this paper is a design suggestion consisting of a physical device and an associated smartphone application, that aims to help home care workers manage the elderlies medication in a safer and more efficient way. Furthermore, we have discovered new knowledge, which designers should consider when designing in the complexity domain of home care, in the context of the elderly.
Publication date10 Jun 2021
Number of pages13
ID: 414413642