Skagen Seaside Hotel - Experience nature

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Thomas Skov Abildgaard
4. term, Architecture (, Master (Master Programme)
This project concerns the design of a new seaside
hotel at Grenen in Skagen. The idea originated from
a local plan of potential for Skagen from 2014, when
the idea to restore an international seaside hotel
on Grenen is included. It is also relevant because
a large majority in the Danish parliament in August
2014 opened up a pilot project to promote coastal
and nature tourism. This allowed up to ten areas in
Denmark to obtain dispensation to build houses or
other tourist facilities in spite of the coastal protection
and coastal zone.
The former seaside hotel was unique for its time
and a trademark of Skagen. A luxurious place with a
unique location, which revitalized the mind and body.
With the construction of a new seaside hotel on Grenen,
I have wanted to build it in a contemporary architectural
design and not imitate the former seaside
hotel that belonged to a completely different time and
style. Today’s tourists are not looking for luxury in the
traditional sense, but want to get unique experiences
in an authentic environment.
With respect for nature and in light of the increasing
energy demands of modern architecture, it has been
a key area of focus to create a building with a low energy
demand and a good indoor climate. During the
design process, I have been focused on optimizing
the buildings’ energy need to the extent that the view
to the north and the large north-facing glass panels
In the design process, I found inspiration from the
unique dune landscape that has been created and
shaped by the forces of nature for thousands of
years. The contrast between the soft, dynamic dunes
and the solid and static concrete bunkers from the
war has also been a major source of inspiration.
My design parameters have been found through a
methodical approach with the use of drifting and
mapping. From this, I have designed a hotel with its
own modern expression that offers a relaxing sanctuary
for the guests and with a close interaction with
nature. At the same time, it has been important to
create an optimal design for the daily operation and
with a natural flow between functions and levels in the
main building.
The building design frames nature as an essential element
in the experience of being at the seaside hotel.
This is meant to encourage the guests to go out and
interact with nature, feel the strong west wind and see
the foam spra
Publication date25 May 2015
Number of pages161
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