• Sabine Gustafson
  • Morten Westphal Rasmussen
4. term, Clinical Science and Technology, Master (Master Programme)
Introduction: An increase in the elderly population has caused demographic changes, challenging the home care of the municipalities. This creates a need for new innovative ways of providing home care. There is currently an increased focus on virtual interaction in Denmark. The technology has shown promising results, including the potential to deliver home care services in the field of medicine administration, reducing the transport time of healthcare professionals. However, citizens’ experiences are primarily described in the perspective of the healthcare professionals, which is why it is relevant to examine how the citizens in the home care setting experience virtual visits.

Purpose: The purpose of the project was to investigate the quality of medicine administration, with respect to virtual visits in a home care setting, assessed based on the citizens’ experiences.

Method: This study utilized a theoretical frame of reference, based on a combination of The Three Dimensions of Quality, Sense of Coherence Theory and Jens Müller’s Technology Definition. A triangulation of data collection techniques was applied, including assessment of documents, observations (8 hours) in Aalborg and Randers Municipality and qualitative interviews with eight citizens in the home care setting in Viborg and Mariagerfjord Municipality. The data was analyzed in NVivo 12.0.

Findings: Several unidirectional and opposing attitudes and experiences were identified in relation to the virtual visits. The main categories were divided into: Citizens' experiences with virtual visits, Nuances in relationship and communication, and Structuring and organizing virtual visits.

Conclusion: The citizens’ experience and perception of the quality of medicine administration through virtual visits, predominantly positive. The medicine administration through virtual visits was perceived as both practical and satisfactory. In spite of few negative items, the virtual visits generally met the citizens’ personal preferences and expectations.
Publication date6 Jun 2019
Number of pages75
External collaboratorAalborg Kommune
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