• Michael Carl Hedges
4. Term, Sound and Music Computing (Master Programme)
This study looks into whether a device that provides real-time vibrotactile feedback of the pitch accuracy of a singer is viable amongst many groups of people. The wearable device, named SIRTAH (Singing Reinforcement Training Applying Haptics) is designed using a YIN-based algorithm for fundamental frequency (f0) or pitch estimation in cooperation with haptic feedback provided by a coin vibration motor. Two evaluations are conducted on different groups of novice singers (n = 23 and n = 6, respectively) in either a short-term or long-term trial with the goal of adjusting their singing until they’ve achieved near perfect pitch. Their evaluations are submitted through a System Usability Scale and their performance of accurately sung notes in different conditions are measured. The results indicate a passable level of usability, but suggests that adjustments and improvements could be made to achieve viability.
Publication date25 May 2022
Number of pages61
ID: 471372565