Sino-US Trade Relations under the Trump Administration

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Jingwen Li
This research is aimed at judging the state of Sino-US trade relations under the Trump administration and the contributing factors of this kind of state. The reason for the study is that a series of trade events between China and the US have aroused wide attention recently, and I want to know why these events happened. I think Sino-US trade relations under the Trump administration can be a good case for the further study on Sino-US trade relations in a long period, or it can also be a perspective of the study on Sino-US relations under the Trump administrations.
In order to study the question above, the hypothesis will be set up based on the core assumption of realism and the idea of neoclassical realism. Then in the background section, the trade events happened under the Trump administration will be introduced.
In analysis section, first of all, the main concerns of US and China in bilateral trade will be analyzed and then the core interests that two countries want to get or defend from the current trade relations will be demonstrated. Based on the concerns and interests of two countries, the contributing factors of current Sino-US relations can be summarized. Then in the discussion, it aims to demonstrate that among those contributing factors, which one fundamentally led to the current trade relations.
Finally, in the conclusion section, based on the analysis, an answer of the research question will be summarized that the current trade behavior of China and US is the reaction to the forces of the international system, and the consideration of national interests and the idea of policy-makers will also have an impact on trade policy.
SpecialisationChina and International Relations
Publication date2018
Number of pages46
ID: 279614933