Simulation and Control of Furnace with Automatic Stoker

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • J.Karsten Boll
7. term, Electronic and Electrical Engineering (Diploma Programme)
This report concerns the development of a nonlinear simulationmodel of a Benekov R25 furnace with an automatic stoker, along with the design of a controller for such a furnace. The simulationmodel is implemented in Simulink, based on six first order differential equations, determined by the laws of physics and thermodynamic. The nonlinear simulationmodel is then verified to reflect the two parameters used for control in a satisfactory manner. The verification is done by comparing outputs of the simulationmodel with those of the physical setup. The controller is designed as a state--space controller with integral control and a full order estimator. The differential equations used for designing the nonlinear simulationmodel are linearized and used for generating the matrixes for the state--space model. The controller is tested with the designed nonlinear simulationmodel, where it shows to be highly unstable. The nonlinear simulation needs revision, as it returns a false result for the flue gas, which has not been considered a hindrance for using the model as basis for designing a controller, since it is not an output used in the controller. The simulationmodel is verified for the two outputs used for for the control, whereby the partial aim of creating a simulationmodel is considered to be partly obtained. The partial aim of designing a controller is not obtained, since the designed controller is instabil or the implementation i Simulink is faulty.
Publication date2008
Number of pages86
Publishing institutionIES
ID: 13527448