• Orkun Gencoglu
Shopping is a need of mankind and it is also a fact to be a part of society. When it concerns to ageing population, there are difficulties elderly to come up. Such difficulties bring case that yields to negative vast factors to be part of society. At the research, the case is incepted with target group of senior citizens (65+) and aimed to integrate a solution to shopping tasks to encourage elderly by analysing the facts of the case and the existing solutions based on Information and Communication Technologies. The proposed solution is designed by the feedback of the target users and its prototype implementation performed by following Agile Development Methodology and tested in the field with the target users. It is found that, integration of a specific solution for the target users will bring an indispensible value to be encouraged at the social life and it is also found that future studies are also necessary.
Publication date6 Jun 2013
Number of pages125
ID: 77307371