• Martin Exner
This master thesis is a study on the state of conditions on the distributed educational program “Parallel Class” and a development of an alternative design to improve interaction. ”Parallel classes” is a distance learning concept under the “Global Classroom”-project carried out by VUC Storstrøm. There is only one teacher for both classes combined. Classes are connected through two cameras, one microphone and an interactive WhiteBoard. Because of the setup, most communication goes through the teacher. The lack of interaction between students has consequences regarding their motivation and participation. Using chat, digital raise-hand-functionality, Flipped Classroom videos and teacher webcam-support, my prototype seeks to lower the noise, shorten the digital distance between the classes, strengthen the feeling of presence over distance and raise the student motivation and participation in the classes. I use Grounded Theory as methodology in my coding process and the Axial coding diagram works as a stepping stone towards designing a prototype. I collect and mix both qualitative and quantitative data to let more perspectives contribute to the analysis. With Design-Based Research, I merge the research and design into one inseparable process that reflects the chronologic progress and the iteration loops that I have undergone, from not knowing the research problem, to demonstrating the alternative design in the context visualized in a “proof-of-concept” video.
Publication date30 Apr 2013
Number of pages89
External collaboratorVUC Storstrøm
Projektleder Flemming Nielsen fln@vucstor.dk
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Det aksiale kodningsdiagram
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