Easements - and their influence on property value

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Mads Nørrelund Olsen
  • Holger Madsen
  • Martin Ditlev Lunn Rasmussen
This master project adresses easements
and their influence on property value.
The report starts with the assumption
that geolocated easements should be
used in the public property assesments
in a time, where we are working towards
property data based descisions to make
these assesments.
Geolocating easements is a requirement
when registering new ones, but it is no
longer a requirent while working with the
old ones, during property boundry deter-
mination, which results in a lot of data of
used in an automated assesment system.
In the first chapters, the important terms
regarding easements are explained. Sub-
sequent Sweden is examinated, to find re-
levant experiences that Denmark could
The report ends with the development of
a concept model, based on the current
system of registrering easements, which
would make it possible to include it into
the public property assesments.
The report is written in danish.
Publication date1 Jun 2017
Number of pages140
External collaboratorLIFA A/S
Lennart Hansen lh@lifa.dk
Information group
ID: 258816811