• Julius Staskunas
  • Victor Stan
4. term, Service Systems Design, Master (Master Programme)
This thesis explores how a service can nudge people to make sustainable choices, leading to the purchase of electrically powered vehicles. The research was conducted on the theme of electric vehicle adoption in Denmark in cooperation with Startup Lighthouse. The case study focused on gathering and synthesising research to highlight market gaps, including target audience’s needs and motivations for purchasing an electric vehicle in Denmark. The study resulted in a service concept that introduced collective second-hand electrical vehicle purchasing as a solution and explained how its processes would operate.

The case study’s design process has been divided into Double Diamond’s phases. The methodology has helped plan methods such as—service safaris, user scenarios, pretotyping or service’s blueprint—into the different design stages throughout the case study. A survey, interviews with various stakeholders, remote pretotyping and prototyping sessions were used to determine electrical vehicle purchasing barriers, solution direction and adjustments along with the service’s development.

The study discloses that bringing down electric vehicles’ barriers, such as the initial ownership cost while presenting ownership pros and cons, nudges consumers to consider purchasing electric vehicles. According to respondents, the research also shows that less urbanised areas of Denmark are not fully prepared for the mainstream shift to electric vehicles. Therefore, newly arising communities of electric vehicle owners can be seen as early adaptors that will encourage local municipalities to speed up the development of public infrastructure meant for electric vehicles. As a result, the designed service solution aims to bring people into community clusters, presenting the electric vehicle owning experiences and offering an opportunity to bulk purchase second-hand electric vehicles cheaper with reassurance.
Publication date28 May 2021
Number of pages266
ID: 413117135