• Freja Enggård Christiansen
  • Patrick Johansen
4. term, Service Systems Design, Master (Master Programme)
Written in collaboration with Danica Pension & Danske Bank, this thesis provides an explorative research on how to apply the theoretical thinking behind service design in the dialogue between Danica Pension and its customers. The research revolves around a case of service development with the focus of the relationship between Danica Pension and its customers. It is conducted during the spring of 2017 as the final project in the Master of Service Systems Design Program at Aalborg University in Copenhagen. With the use of qualitative methods, the project explores existing dialogues and service offerings by Danica Pension. In combination with discussions of the term ‘boundary object’ presented by Susan Leigh Star (1989), customers insights provide the foundation for development of a transparent service experience. In order to design a service experience that encourages a stronger relationship between Danica Pension and its customer, elements of the service need to function as boundary objects to achieve more constructive interaction. With the involvement of Danica Pension employees, a final service concept was developed. The service solution is a digital platform mainly providing customers with the possibility to construct their own pension, priorities and communication needs. The service aims to translate pension into customers’ dreams about in their future when they retire; Creating communicational boundary object to increase transparency for customers. Furthermore this would improve the customer experience and empower the customer additionally reduce the complexity and time spend at Danica Pension.
Publication date28 May 2017
Number of pages160
External collaboratorDanske Bank A/S
Danny Plambæk dapl@danskebank.dk
ID: 258493037