• Sevil Babakhani
  • Rasmus Lystlund
4. term, Service Systems Design, Master (Master Programme)
Sundhedsplatformen is a new IT system that has been implemented in Region Hovedstaden. The IT system has received criticism from the media and healthcare personnel, amongst this the education of Sundhedsplatformen. This thesis examines how the education of Sundhedsplatformen can be improved through the use of service design methods and tools, as well as how a greater inclusion of actors can be beneficial.

In order to gain a better insight into the education of Sundhedsplatformen, interviews with different actors were conducted. An analysis was then based on the statements of the healthcare personnel divided into 'pain points' and 'gains'. These statements resulted in nine general pain points, which after a workshop were reduced to three pain points. This thesis presents three concepts, developed in collaboration with CIMT and validated with healthcare personnel at various hospitals in Region Hovedstaden.

As the future responsible for the education of Sundhedsplatformen, CIMT has stated that they wanted to change the current education, which can be seen as a positive start to improving the service. The concepts are designed to reduce or completely solve the selected pain points, but we believe that the concepts may also affect other identified pain points in the service. By including the wishes of the healthcare personnel from the previous interviews and their opinions from validating the concepts, we believe that the concepts will improve the service experience.
Publication date31 May 2017
External collaboratorCenter for IT, Medico og Telefoni
Chief Consultant Mads Nyborg mads.nyborg@regionh.dk
ID: 258651481