• Carina Steensen Jensen
  • Christina Parlov Pedersen
4. term, Service Systems Design, Master (Master Programme)
MinMenu is a new nutritional platform developed by the IT company Movesca to empower elderly medical patients when being hospitalised. The platform was recently implemented at the Hospitals of Herlev and Gentofte. However, Movesca experienced several challenges in the transition from implementing to operating MinMenu. This thesis investigates how the process of implementing MinMenu can be improved through the use of service design, allowing methods from other disciplines and co-designing with actors throughout the design process.

In order to gain insight and understanding into the context of the implementation process, an ethnographic study was conducted including contextual interviews and observations of relevant actors. Additionally, a research on service design frameworks of implementation discovered that designers are inspired by change management. This expanded the framework and provided a broader understanding of important elements to consider in the context of implementation. Based on analysis of the gathered insights four implementation barriers was identified. These barriers were explored and ideated with actors of the hospital, which directed our focus towards two of the barriers.
This thesis presents solution concepts designed to reduce or solve the identified barriers. The concepts are developed and tested in collaboration with healthcare staff and validated with our partner Movesca. In order for Movesca to implement and test the recommended solution concepts a Concept Roadmap report is delivered, introducing description of the recommendations, intended purpose and related actions. Based on the process and following feedback we believe that the concepts will improve the implementation experience of MinMenu.
Publication date31 Jul 2017
Number of pages130
External collaboratorJess Riis Jensen
IT developer Jess Riis Jensen jrj@movesca.com
ID: 261188171