Service design in healthcare context: Process report

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Dorina Burduja
4. term, Service Systems Design, Master (Master Programme)
For the past two decades, there have been recorded massive society changes as a result
of exponential growth of technology. The consequences of this phenomena could be experienced
on the cultural shift of people lifestyle, which facilitated the development of chronic
diseases as diabetes.
The old healthcare paradigms can’t properly face it, thus it is necessary to change the approach
tackling this problem from “reactive” to “proactive” and review the current blunt
policy of “one size fits it all”.
This project aims to address through design for a service that is striving to help its users prevent
one of the most common and ignored 21st century illness: diabetes.
The service aims to be “proactive” as it will provide all the tools and information necessary
that will guide prediabetes people through the maze of potentially unhealthy habits. It will do
so by constantly analyzing lifestyle choices and issuing both instant health checks as well as
prognostics. It will also attempt to use social engineering in order to drive users towards a
healthier realm.
The “one size fits it all” is the another paradigm that this service aims to abolish. The solution
is designed to be user centric. The tools it creates, will be dynamically tailored for each user,
based on their lifestyle, health habits, social environment, etc.
Publication date10 Aug 2016
Number of pages129
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