Server Side LAML Framework

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Mikael M. Hansen
  • Paw Iversen
  • Jimmy Juncker
4. term, Computer Science, Master (Master Programme)
In this project four problems found in the area of Web applications development are analysed. These problems are named the State handling problem, the Validation problem, the Complex forms problem and the Reusabilityproblem. Existing work in the area is analysed. Based on these problems and the existing solutions three hypothesis are presented as the goal of this project. During the design, solutions to the problems are developed. Example Web applications are implemented to illustrate the usage of the designed solutions. Based on these Web applications we conclude on the project. Introducing the session concept inspired by Bigwig solves the State handling problem. Additional experiences are still needed to fully evaluate the Reusability problem. The Complex formsproblem is solved by the designed solution, based on building an object structure representing an HTML form. The implemented solution relies on the session framework, but a CGI based solution is considered possible. The Input validation problem is solved by relying on the session framework. Validation is made available on both the object and the page level. It is concluded that relying on the session framework have the advantage that validation functions are available when they are needed. This is not the case in a CGI solution. Improvements can be made on various places in the solution. This is recommended as future work.
Publication dateJun 2002
ID: 61055067