• Mads Wowk Toft
  • Franz Alexander Rose Aldous
4. term, Energy Engineering, Master (Master Programme)
Electric motors are found in many appli- ances, a common AC motor is the PMSM, which has a high reliability. Encoders are used for position and speed feedback, but add extra cost and reliability problems. Sensorless control options are therefore ex- plored as an alternative. This thesis inves- tigates implementing a Kalman filter in an existing sensorless drive structure to im- prove its performance. This is done using a laboratory setup, where a PMSM based drive system was coupled to a load motor, with an encoder for validation purposes. The PMSM is modelled in the different ref- erence frames, and a speed controller is de- signed and validated. A sensorless estima- tion structure, with two phase locked loops and a load observer is then designed and validated. This control structure is then modified to include a Kalman filter. These two estimation structures are tested and compared. Here it was concluded that the Kalman structure has improved the load transient response.
SpecialisationMechatronic Control Engineering
Publication date2 Jun 2023
Number of pages95
ID: 532581231