• Asami Ikeda
  • Elsa Delalande
4. term, Urban Design, Master (Master Programme)
Sensing a Stroll is an Urban Design project that aims to explore the question of the accessibility to the public space for elderly users. In a context of a general ageing of the European population, questioning the access to urban facilities for this growing category of the population appears all the more relevant. Therefore, the thesis project takes place in an urban area with a high proportion of elderly people, combined with major social and economic difficulties. ‘Sensing a Stroll’ will take you to Blackpool, one of the UK’s most deprived towns, located in the northwest of England. This inventory of the town stresses the need for an inclusive public space, creating social links and access to all. Indeed, Sensing a Stroll is based on the idea that a space that is physically accessible to the elderly, and therefore people with reduced mobility, is a public space accessible to all. This academic and itinerant journey will take you through a site-specific urban design project and a methodology to facilitate social interaction within the public space for elderly people.
Publication date20 May 2022
Number of pages156
External collaboratorBlackpool Council
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