• Sophie Martine Bukholdt Andersen
4. term, Master of Technology Management (MTM) (Continuing education) (Continuing Education Programme (Master))
This thesis researches whether or not it is possible to create a map only consisting of landmarks that still can be understood by users.
Through theories of geocommunication, cognitive maps and spatial learning, detection of landmarks, qualitative data analysis, it is tried to see if respondents could locate a non-visible landmark in three different maps. Data were collected with an online survey. There were produced maps for three different Danish cities.
It was found that in general was it possible for half of the respondents to successfully locate one of the non-visible landmarks in one type of map, in the second type of map a third could locate the non-visible landmark, whilst only one percentages could locate the non-visible landmark in the third type of map.
It is therefore concluded that in this case, less is not more. However, as a result of a pre-study of communication map with landmarks, alteration is suggested for later pre-studies.
Publication date2017
Number of pages96
ID: 259456719