• Bodil Højberg
4. term, Master of Sexology (Continuing education) (Continuing Education Programme (Master))
The present Master’s Thesis concludes the study of Sexology at Aalborg University. With a starting point in the examination of theories made by Sigmund Freud and Jean Laplanche, about the infantile sexuality and the ordinary development and behavior, this thesis at first seeks to account for the spread of sexual abuse of children and the consequences and post-sequelae it might have for the adult life, when the normal sexuality is interrupted by sexual abuse during childhood, and with a particular focus upon the results it might have for sexuality during adulthood.

This thesis is purely a literature study, and English-speaking studies have been included from the following databases: Embase, PsycInfo, Scopus and Cinahl. In accordance to the moderate work of research, which is accessible, as related to the inclusion criteria, secondary sources with a focus upon the psychological and social consequences in a broader sense have been included. It has to be concluded that there is a certain need for further work of research and empiricism in the areas of both infantile sexuality but also in connection with the sexual social post-sequelae of the sexual abuse during childhood. The so-called abuse-prevalence-rate varies a lot from study to study and a lot of ‘dark figures’ on the area are prevailed, because far from all assaults are disposed or reported to the police. Some of the cases of child abuse are not reported before they reach for assistance in connection with post-sequelae in adulthood. The limited knowledge upon the area may have consequences for the sexual health and prosperity during adulthood.
Publication date14 May 2019
Number of pages45
ID: 303588714