• Bogdan Alexandru Murariu
4. Term, Building Energy Design (Master Programme)
The work on this project is based on the semi-automatic approach developed by MOE A/S and AAU to combine Revit with Danish Be18 software.
The project is focused on the challenges of performing building energy simulations in the design phase while using BSim program. The report analyses the current practice in the industry with insights from company MOE and personal experience.
With focus only on the geometry inputs, the BSim structure is described, and with use of Dynamo and Excel, the semi-automation of the modeling is attempted. Dynamo scripts are designed to fulfill the task of extracting the required data from Revit and export
to an Excel spreadsheet. In Excel various methods are tested to export the information in BSim. The final goal is to successfully select spaces in Revit and export the geometry information via Dynamo script to Excel from where it can be exported to BSim, and reconstruct the model.
Publication date10 Jan 2019
Number of pages51
External collaboratorMOE A/S
Industrial PhD Torben Østergaard tod@moe.dk
ID: 293267043