• Evelina Mihailova
4. Term, Information Architecture, Master (Master Programme)
Internet of Things requires infrastructures capable of supporting multiple, scalable services, where semantics and ontology play important role in the interoperability of IoT devices with other data sources. In this study, I investigate a complex web-based ecosystem, that integrates heterogeneous data coming from the internet-enabled devices and other services to support the interactions of different user groups. I also present a conceptual framework of the Unified Data Model (UDM) that serves as a basis for such integrations and user activities. The UDM itself may imply entirely technical subject for data management, but it is inaccurate because when UDM performed to its full potential, it can support technology and business practices, as well as facilitate information creation process for non-expert endusers. Despite the fact that the unified data models are not a new concept and there are existing proposals for IoT solutions, this study reveals the Unified Data Model that is suitable for web-based platforms were its users create, manage and share information based on the Unified Data Model within the context of the IoT. The purpose of the research is to outline how good data structure can solve some of the Information Architecture challenges, such as findability of data, content organization, labelling and navigation. This is relevant in the IoT context since more and more people nowadays are developing new solutions at home, others consider the possibility of monetising data, or just demand a comfortable living. Therefore, it is important to support their needs and tasks to help them create or find relevant information.
The research is based on the case study, where semantic IoT Unified Data Model has found many different application opportunities, helped development of business strategy, and continuously creates new IoT scenarios with people involvement. While working within the humanistic area, the study was created based on the personas and scenarios that served as a guideline throughout the analysis process to describe the Unified Data Model application possibilities. In order to develop reliable personas and scenarios, I have also made the research on each of the user group, their needs, and how IoT is adopted in people lives.
Publication date31 May 2018
External collaboratorSeluxit ApS
Daniel Lux daniel@seluxit.com
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