Sex Education

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Marie Boesgaard Bendtsen
4. term, Psychology, Master (Master Programme)
The following thesis makes the humble endeavor to propose a theoretical framework
to underpin a sustainable pedagogical attitude, worthy of modern sex education
(aimed at the general population, not exclusively for ground schoolers, etc.). The
fundamental idea is that sexuality pertains to the same level of our being that grounds
every human subject in a form of existential crisis. Sexuality, nonetheless, has a
natural tendency to enter the scene quite early in our lives, when we propose to our
seniors the question of where life comes from. Copulation, we learn, might bring
babies into the world, but often it is enjoyed with quite another purpose. While we
mostly enjoy pictures of cows and clapping our hands, something quite different can
also be enjoyed, it seems, but for some reason, it’s awkward to talk about it. This
negativity in language sets us on the path for realizing our desire, or the Other’s
desire, (who knows?) and before we know it, we want to kiss someone. The Freudian
tradition gives us a vocabulary to talk about all this, and let’s us examine the sexual
unreality of the drive, desire and the libido, as ways to put into words and work with
the paradoxical ways we humans grow up to enjoy our lives, or destroy them. The
Lacanian theory of sexuation and desire is fundamental throughout the paper. First in
the introduction where quite the multiplicity of terms are put on the table, before
moving on to talk about personal and sexual boundaries and consent, where even
more are introduced. The sexual is political, and the political is social, and perhaps if
not the social is a bit sexual as well. To navigate in the ever more complex social
reality and the peculiar uprise in right-wing morals, I employ the Lacano-Kantian
ethics of desire, to set straight the problem of xenophobia with great emphasis on
transphobia, which is a form of the former that is remarkably accepted today. Gender
and sex might not be the same, but they’re not absolute different fields of interest
either. The sexual find a reality in our gender and gender expression, just as it does in
our sexual orientation. The pedagogical task in this relation, wiz. in our secular and
“free” world, is to support a sexual individuation in this relation and grant our
subjects a place for themselves, and their bodies, in the social.
Publication date30 May 2022
Number of pages48
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