Sexuality after pelvic surgery

Student thesis: Master programme thesis

  • Anne Winther Rolfsted Dandanell
  • Kira Camilla Kragh
4. term, Master of Sexology (Continuing education) (Continuing Education Programme (Master))

Sexuality is an essential part of life. The purpose differs depending on circumstances and needs. The concept of sexuality is defined broadly and includes biological, psychological and social factors. Sexuality may be impaired before surgery for reasons like irregular bleeding, pain and diminish sexual desire and arousal. A substantial number of scientific studies report the effect of pelvic surgery from a biological point of view such as lubrication and orgasm, but only a few studies elucidate sexuality in a biological, psychological and social light.

The aim was to investigate how women with a non-malign disease experience their sexuality after a surgical intervention in pelvis minor.

Includes four women having a non-malign surgical intervention in pelvis minor.

This study is based on qualitative, semi-structured interviews of four women. The scientific theoretical approach is phenomenological/hermeneutic.

All four women consider sexuality as an important aspect in life. The women’s understanding of the term sexuality is broad and comprehensive and is described as confidence, tenderness and affection. Sexual desire and frequency of sexual intercourse were not affected by surgery. The analysis found that surgery affected women’s sexuality, body, identity and relationship/communication. Their orgasm, sexual desire and frequency of sexual intercourse were not affected by surgery.

Conclusion and perspectives

In conclusion most women report a better or unaltered sexuality post-operative after pelvic surgery. Pelvic surgery does not single handed enhance women’s sexuality, but by relieving pain and irregular bleeding the body image will improve which can lead to better sexuality. On the other hand may hysterectomy lead to identity issues and lost of femininity. Factors like communication and good partner relationship enhance the positive effect of surgery

This study may be used as an inspiration to healthcare professionals in reflecting on how they approach women who are undergoing pelvic surgery.

Publication date7 May 2019
Number of pages59
ID: 302793484