Second Generation Partnering

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Liliya Ivanova Pavlova
  • David Stojan
  • Encho Kostadinov Petlov
The following master thesis primary focus is on introducing an alternative approach to current methods applied in the building industry.
The report provides the background of partnering and its development together with crucial elements that determine its success.
Furthermore a study case is provided as a successful example of partnering implemented in a real scenario. The report introduces a model for second generation partnering tailored to the construction industry. A plan, suggesting a right sequence of activities and methods has been established, along with a discussion of the factors that influence the cooperation.
Reports proposal combine the theory with the case findings in order to provide a coherent solution to issues present in the building industry.
Publication date6 Jan 2016
Number of pages82
ID: 225263715