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Publication year
  1. 2006
  2. Is the anchorage between a projekt and its overall organisation a precondition for success?

    Vicky la COur

    Master of Health Informatics (Continuing education), (Continuing Education Programme (Master)) 3 year, 2006

    Student thesis: Master programme thesis

  3. 2005
  4. Environmental Consciousness-raising in China

    Xi Jin

    Master in Environmental Management, 10. term, 2005

    Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  5. 2004
  6. Social Media Marketing benefits for businesses: Why and how should every business create and develop its Social Media Sites?

    Celine ARCA

    Economics and Business Administration (International Marketing), Master, (Master Programme) 4. term, 2004

    Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  7. 2001
  8. Launching and Managing an Internet Portal Successfully - A Stage Model

    Kim Givskud Vineke

    Master of Science in Engineering in Computer Engineering (Aalborg), 10. term, 2001

    Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

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