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  1. Profession bachelor
  2. Company as a whole: Company as a whole

    Sabrina Yeasmin

    Economics and Business Administration (top-up), Bachelor, (Bachelor Programme) 5. Term, 2019

    Student thesis: Profession bachelor

  3. Den traditionel budgettering og Beyond budgeting

    Nataliya Sokurenko

    Economics and Business Administration (Management Accounting and Control), Master, (Master Programme) 1. term, 2020

    Student thesis: Profession bachelor

  4. Fractionation and Purification of Goat Milk Proteins: - by Preparative High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography

    Ditte Arnanguag Madsen

    Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, (Diploma Programme) 7. term, 2014

    Student thesis: Profession bachelor

  5. Optimization of existing vacuum plant

    Anders Brandsborg Jensen

    Sustainable Energy Engineering, Bachelor , (Diploma Programme) 7. term, 2016

    Student thesis: Profession bachelor

  6. The options of actions by the social worker in working with pregnant women with a substance abuse.

    Julie Zacho Olesen, Naja Holme Laursen, Lis Kaspersen, Enisa Boric

    Social Work, Bachelor, (Professional Bachelor Programme) 7. term, 2017

    Student thesis: Profession bachelor

  7. Master programme thesis
  8. 3rd generation of employee development processes. An action research inspired study of the movement from a 2nd generation to a 3rd generation of EDC - Employee Developmental Conversations.

    Lone Skibsted Frejo

    Master of Learning Processes (Continuing education), (Continuing Education Programme (Master)) 4. term, 2018

    Student thesis: Master programme thesis

  9. Absalon som Medie i Undervisningen på TPU - Hvordan

    Jørn Døi

    Master of ICT and Learning (MIL) (Continuing education), (Continuing Education Programme (Master)) 4. term, 2010

    Student thesis: Master programme thesis

  10. Achieving blue growth through electrification of the seas in the NSR

    Hamidreza Hansen

    Operations and Innovation Management, Master of Science (MSc), (Master Programme) 3. term, 2021

    Student thesis: Master programme thesis

  11. Actions research, for knowledge development due to the legislation for youth criminality

    Dorthe Lund Holm Hansen

    Master of Vulnerable Children and Young People (Continuing Education), (Continuing Education Programme (Master)) 4. term, 2019

    Student thesis: Master programme thesis

  12. Adapting the Construction Industry to New Global Sustainable Demands

    Frederik Laurits Pedersen, Daniel Pedro Santos Costa Pais

    Management in the Building Industry, Master, (Master Programme) 4. term, 2020

    Student thesis: Master programme thesis

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