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  1. Master programme thesis
  2. Technology Driven Innovation by Design: B-Smart / B-Fast

    Emma Rosendal Jensen, Janne Lyng Sørensen, Katrine Timmermann, Mikkel Bundgaard Nielsen, Anders Lindrup Nielsen

    Industrial Design, Master, (Master Programme) 2. term, 2021

    Student thesis: Master programme thesis

  3. Vision-Based Ergonomic Adaptation of Robotic Movements in Human-Robot Collaboration

    Marike Koch van den Broek

    Vision, Graphics and Interactive Systems, Master, (Master Programme) 4. term, 2020

    Student thesis: Master programme thesis

  4. Profession bachelor
  5. Automatic exchange of payload: Konceptudvikling af værktøj til DJI M210 dronen

    Rasmus Thiim Lested Pedersen

    (Diploma Programme) 7. Term, 2018

    Student thesis: Profession bachelor

  6. Design af universalt transformator beslag

    Peter Francis Mwamoto

    (Diploma Programme) 7. Term, 2015

    Student thesis: Profession bachelor

  7. Design of ventilation systems focusing on the systems electricity consumption and investment costs

    Carina Madsen

    Energy Engineering, Bachelor (Esbjerg), 6. semester, 2010

    Student thesis: Profession bachelor

  8. Quality control of vibration systems

    Ehab El Sayed

    Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing, Bachelor, (Bachelor Programme) 6. term, 2021

    Student thesis: Profession bachelor

  9. Reconstruction and extension of Forum Faaborg in Faaborg Midtfyn kommune

    Anders Malund Dammark Jensen

    Civil Engineering, (Diploma Programme) 7. term, 2017

    Student thesis: Profession bachelor

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