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  1. Profession bachelor
  2. Company as a whole: Company as a whole

    Sabrina Yeasmin

    Economics and Business Administration (top-up), Bachelor, (Bachelor Programme) 5. Term, 2019

    Student thesis: Profession bachelor

  3. Effect of PpT-1 on oxidative stress in C. elegans

    Ismail Mohamed Hassan

    Biotechnology, Bachelor, (Bachelor Programme) 6. term, 2021

    Student thesis: Profession bachelor

  4. Fractionation and Purification of Goat Milk Proteins: - by Preparative High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography

    Ditte Arnanguag Madsen

    Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, (Diploma Programme) 7. term, 2014

    Student thesis: Profession bachelor

  5. Friction Analysis of Bolts

    Jacob Mortensen

    Mechanical Design, (Diploma Programme) 7. term, 2014

    Student thesis: Profession bachelor

  6. Optimisation of Central Offshore Process Equipment and Weight Estimates

    Kasper Rønn Rasmussen

    Sustainable Energy Engineering, Bachelor , (Diploma Programme) 7. term, 2015

    Student thesis: Profession bachelor

  7. WiFi 3G Share

    Henning Gørtz Hørstrup, Thomas Skinner-Larsen

    Computer Engineering and IT, (Diploma Programme) 7. term, 2010

    Student thesis: Profession bachelor

  8. Master programme thesis
  9. Act No. 174 of 27-02-2019. A paradigm shift.

    Jacob Berger Strønæs

    Master of Vulnerable Children and Young People, Professional Management (Continuing Education), (Continuing Education Programme (Master)) 4. term, 2019

    Student thesis: Master programme thesis

  10. A master thesis about three group coaching sessions with organizational language games, rulefollowing and tensions

    Anette Kaagaard Kristensen

    Master of Organizational Coaching and Learning (MOC), (Continuing Education Programme (Master)) 4. semester, 2018

    Student thesis: Master programme thesis

  11. Case study of Danfoss IT supporting the business units competing in dancing, rugged landscapes

    Lars Axelsen

    Master of IT (Continuing education), (Continuing Education Programme (Master)) 4. term, 2012

    Student thesis: Master programme thesis

  12. Co-creation in the public sector - a democratic problem? En undersøgelse af kommunalpolitikernes oplevelse af samskabelse

    Lotte Vang

    Master of Public Governance (Continuing Education), (Continuing Education Programme (Master)) 4. term , 2018

    Student thesis: Master programme thesis

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